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European Division of Nanoasia


The new history of beauty

DSC01607 We believe that the recipes of beauty lie within nature, and you can combine the components,
obtained from plants, with scientific research and nanotechnologies.

NANOASIA cosmetic products are of the highest quality, while they provide the maximum result and a visible wow-effect already after the first use.The result achieved exceeds customer expectations. We strictly follow high standards and requirements and collaborate thus only with factories and laboratories that implement international pharmacological standards, such as GMP. Our laboratories are careful in choosing raw materials.
Professional specialists monitor every batch of goods at all production levels.
The combination of unique quality and efficiency of NANOASIA cosmetic products bestow youth and beauty every day.
Doctors-cosmetologists, dermatologists and plastic surgeons implement NANOASIA products successfully in their work. Our customers could also preserve the results of beauty salon procedures independently and in home conditions.
Scientifically justified technologies and patented formulas provide the possibility for a visible effect already after the first procedure.
NANOASIA was the first company that tested and introduced the procedure of injection-free rejuvenation with the airbrush with a small nozzle size on the Russian, the Russian Commonwealth and European markets. It is not a medical procedure and does not require a medical licence. The products have been developed in South-Korea for the European skin type in line with the technical task of NANOASIA. NANOASIA is a registered trademark.